iSi Gourmet Vs iSi Profi: What’s The Difference?

The main difference between them is in the head gasket and the head valve. Besides those things, they are nearly the same exact dispenser and their parts are interchangeable.

gourmet whip bottleThe iSi Gourmet Whip 

The Gourmet is a bit costlier than the iSi Profi because it comes with a silicone gasket, which allows it to be used for hot liquids as well as cold. It also comes with one extra stainless steel tip.



  • Comes with an additional stainless steel Tip
  • Silicone gasket allows it to withstand boiling hot liquids


  • Head valve does not come out of the dispenser. This means it can’t be cleaned or replaced. if it goes bad, you’ll have to purchase a new head.


The iSi Gourmet is a great dispenser for commercial and home use. It comes with 3 tips altogether; two straight tips( one of which is stainless steel) and one tulip tip. It also comes with a cleaning brush and a gripped charger holder. The canister is stainless steel.


isi profi partsThe iSi Profi Whip

The Profi is less expensive than the iSi Gourmet because the gasket is rubber and it doesn’t come with a stainless steel tip. However, it tends to be slightly more popular than the gourmet for one big reason; the head valve. The head valve can be taken out, cleaned and replaced, unlike the gourmet. If the head valve goes faulty you just purchase a replacement head valve. The Profi is not marketed for hot items because it comes with a rubber gasket, however, you can purchase a silicone gasket and put it in the Profi head, which will allow you to use the Profi for hot items as well as cold.


  • The head valve is replaceable


  • Does not come with extra stainless steel tip
  • Cannot be used with hot items unless silicone gasket is purchased extra.


The iSi Profi is a great dispenser for commercial and home use. It is used in Starbucks around the world. It comes with 2 tips altogether; one straight tip and one tulip tip. It also comes with a cleaning brush and a gripped charger holder. The canister is stainless steel.


Both dispensers are the best available and I know you’ll be happy with both. But I find the iSi Profi to be the best choice because of the replaceable head valve. The head valve is the main mechanic of your whipped cream dispenser and over time they can go bad. A new head valve will cost less than $10.  With the iSi Gourmet, it’s a new head altogether which often run between $80-$100 if available or you’ll have to purchase a new dispenser. All iSi parts for the Gourmet and Profi are interchangeable, so if you think you’ll want to create something with hot liquids you can alway’s pick up an iSi silicone gasket under $10. All iSi dispensers take the same 8-gram cream chargers and any on our site will work.


Product Instruction Videos for iSi Profi and iSi Gourmet:


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