How-To Use A Whipped Cream Dispenser

how to use a whipped cream dispenser

Using cream chargers and a whipped cream dispenser to make fresh whipped cream is easy and quick.

It’s true, whipped cream is best created using a whipped cream dispenser and N20 cream chargers. If you’re looking to get more whip cream for your buck, then there’s no other choice. Using a whipped cream dispenser yields twice the amount of whipped cream than with the traditional method of whipping by hand. This is the method most coffee shops including Starbucks uses to make a delicious whipped cream for coffee or cakes. Follow these instructions to get the perfect fluffiest whipped cream!

1. Buy the correct ingredients

If you’re looking to make a classic whipped cream with your whipped cream dispenser, you’ll need to start by getting the correct ingredients. If you’re looking to make a classic whipped cream recipe use our Old Fashioned Whipped Cream Recipe.

2. Choose the Whipped Cream Dispenser that Fits your needs

There are many different types of whipped cream dispensers available to purchase, as well as brands like Mosa and iSi. There are many different size dispensers as well. 1 Liter is the biggest 0.5L is the most popular and 0.25L is the smallest. Most people including commercial chef’s and restaurants will only use 0.5L dispensers. Larger whipped cream dispensers will mean you have to use 2 N20 cream chargers. In addition, there are home use dispensers and more culinary heavy dispensers.

The iSi Profi whipped cream dispenser is a popular choice for the commercial kitchen ( like Starbucks) as well as home use. We find it to be the best dispenser due to its ability to be easily cleaned. Unlike some other dispensers, the head valve comes out and can be cleaned easily. The head valve is the main hardware that makes your whipped cream dispenser work, so you can understand why it’s important to be cleaned regularly.

Some other dispensers don’t allow this functionality, for example, the Gourmet whip’s head valve does not come out for cleaning. However, it’s a dispenser that is a great product used for hot and cold items.  Where in some other dispensers it does not come out and can’t be cleaned. If you’re mostly just using your dispenser for whipped cream, then a high-quality low-cost dispenser like the Mosa whipped cream dispensers would be the brand for you, or the iSi Easy whip is a great choice for quick and easy whipped cream.

2. Choose a brand of N20 Cream Chargers

Nitrous oxide whipped cream chargers, or whipped cream bulbs as they are known are 8 gram non-threaded, non–refillable stainless steel bulbs with food grade Nitrous oxide inside. All N20 cream chargers are not made equal. CreamWhip only supplies the highest quality N20 cream chargers that are certified HACCP and ISO 9001 certification. This ensures the cleanest safest N2O food propellant available. Most of our suppliers are sourced from the European Union.


3. Follow these steps

  • Remove the head of the whipped cream dispenser and add the ingredients to your whipped cream dispenser
  • screw the head of the dispenser back on, and ensure the tip is screwed on to the end of the head valve.
  • Put 1 N20 cream charger bulb into your charger holder and screw it on the head of the dispenser.
  • once the gas releases you can unscrew the charger hold or keep it in place.
  • Shake the dispenser so the nitrous yields with the cream.
  • When dispensing the whipped cream turn the dispenser upside down and press the lever.
  • Using a whipped cream dispenser yields 2x the amount of whipped cream then hand whipping, so you can enjoy whipped cream for a long time! The whipped cream expiration date is the expiration date on the thickening cream itself.



9 thoughts on “How-To Use A Whipped Cream Dispenser

  1. Rebecca says:

    I have an ISI Profi 1 L cream whipper. I can’t seem to remove the tulip tip for cleaning before storing the unused portion in the fridge. Maybe I screwed it on too tight. Can you help? Thanks! R

    • CreamWhip says:

      What you’ll want to do is take the head of your dispenser off. Underneath you’ll see the end of the head valve sticking out. Hold it firmly and try to unscrew the tip. Just like taking a bolt off a screw. It should do the trick! The head valve comes out and can be cleaned as well. 🙂

  2. Renzo says:

    Hello, my whip cream dispenser doesnt work and I just bought it. Its a mosa brand. I dont know if I’m using it wrong but only the air comes out of it.

  3. barbarahdrive Herrod says:

    A whipped cream dispenser is commonly referred to as Siphon and Canister. It is essentially a hand-held Kitchen instrument that helps whip up several various ingredients with the use of hot air to create a soft, rich, luscious texture. This wonderful tool is typically made from a number of different components, all of which combine to create one harmonious product. For example, the whipping cream bowl, a container to hold the hot air, and a set of suction cups to whip the cream all combine to produce one delicious product.

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