Nangs and Nitrous Oxide

General Info

“Nangs” is a slang term in Australia for nitrous oxide whipped cream chargers. Specifically, nangs usually refer to whipped cream bulbs. They can also be referred to as another slang term “whippits”. There is a brand named  “Whip-it”. However, any brand of nitrous oxide charger including iSi and Mosa can be referred to as a nang.

Nangs (whipped cream chargers) are 8 gram, small stainless steel bulbs that are filled with food-grade nitrous. Each 8-gram nang weighs approximately 25 grams and is 0.43cm x 6.35cm. Nangs should not be confused with CO2 soda bulbs, which are commonly used for making soda water as well as for airguns.

Nangs like other drugs, pose the potential for abuse by humans. While the dependencies from nitrous oxide are not severe, chronic abusers of nangs can maintain emotional dependencies to the which can have the potential to be highly destructive to the abuser and those around him.

The inhalation of nitrous oxide is also known to produce harmful side effects in humans. Nangs are known to suppress the body’s ability to absorb vitamin B12. More common is the release of the freezing gas directly into the body from the whipped cream charger. The nitrous in the nang is very cold and is capable of burning the user’s face, lips, throat or tongue. Death from nitrous is rare but can happen if a person attempts to inhale out of a bag or balloon and asphyxiates themselves.

Legal Info

The possession of nangs, or otherwise nitrous oxide found in nangs, is legal in Australia, USA, Europe, UK and many countries – however with the intent to abuse or inhale is not. Like all food products related to food, nitrous oxide is regulated.

The possession of crackers or other devices that serve no purpose but to open a whipped cream charger is outlawed in some areas. CreamWhip will not knowingly sell to anyone who uses our products for these purposes.

This information is provided for informational and educational use only. This information is not to be construed as legal or medical advice on any subject matter. Do not inhale the nitrous oxide found in nangs. It may cause serious and irreversible damage to your health, including death. CreamWhip and Mornington Marketing Co. are not liable in any way for injuries or deaths caused to anyone, regardless of age, by the misuse of the products found on this website. CreamWhip will never sell to anyone knowing using our products for this purpose.